Many business owners found the hardest part of getting online was developing the content

Planning a website can be a bit like a swimming competition. There’s a lot of thinking before diving in, lots of practice to map out how to create the best path and leveraging expertise from others to tackle your weaknesses.

Interestingly most small businesses who are not yet online, avoid doing so because they think it will be too complicated in a technical sense, yet a variety of small businesses interviewed for this article commonly concurred that it was in fact the simple aspects that proved hardest as they were unfamiliar with them, like “trying to anticipate how customers will interact with the site and product mix” says Richard from Property Geek; and “the text and content was probably the most time consuming…it can be arduous to convert ideas and visions into a website that encompasses what is in your mind” reports Julie of CertificatesOnline.

Don’t get bogged down in the technicalities, utilise the myriad resources available to get online or work with a professional, which is actually really affordable.